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Waubonsie Valley High School Colorguard
2004 Fall Program
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CONGRATULATIONS to the following people who made the 2004 Waubonsie Valley High School Colorguard. The staff is very excited to see such a talented group. 26 members were chosen to participate this season. To see the members of the Colorguard, click on the members page to the left. PAULA DAVIS and ASHLEY FISHER will be the 2004 Colorguard Captains. Thank you to everyone that came to the clinics and auditions. If you did not recieve a spot in the Colorguard, we encourage you to practice and come audition next Fall or in the Winter. If you would like help so your ready for next Fall, write an e-mail to Tammy at  and we can work out arrangements. 

   The Director of Bands at Waubonsie Valley High School has named Tammy Edders as the new Colorguard Director.

After a great season last year, the members of the 2004 Fall program are very excited to work with Tammy.


Member Info:
Colorguard Meeting- June 1st at 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the Band Room
We will be measuring you for uniforms and talking about expectations/goals for the season. This is a MANDATORY MEETING FOR ALL MEMBERS of the 2004 Colorguard. If this date is a problem for someone, please e-mail Tammy A.S.A.P.
Please come prepared and ready to work. We are looking for memebers that are motivated to be the best they can be. We will teach you the rest. Come with a positive attitude!!!
Also, please wear proper dance attire. Meaning NO jeans. We would prefer if you wear something tight such as Jazz Pants. Nothing BAGGY!!!